Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vote Today for Joe Negron!

If you live in Florida Senate District 28 (Senator Ken Pruitt’s District), make sure you get out to vote if you didn’t vote early or by absentee ballot. The district includes parts of Indian River, St. Lucie, Okeechobee, and Palm Beach Counties and all of Martin County. (Click here to see the District map: http://bit.ly/TLaw.) Since this is a special election in the Summer, turnout will be very low. The candidate who is able to get voters to the polls will win this election. Educate yourself, get to the polls, and vote your values!

I voted early for Joe Negron because I believe that Negron most closely supports conservative values. Here’s why:

1) Voting Record: In his six years as State Rep (2000-2006), Negron had a 100% voting record with the Christian Coalition (http://www.ccfla.org/scorecards.php).
2) Candidate Questionnaire: The Treasure Coast Tea Party, Sanctity of Human Life of the Treasure Coast, and the Christian Coalition of the Treasure Coast combined forces to send both candidates a candidate survey to see where they stand on the issues. The surveys were delivered via US Certified Mail. We have copies of the receipts to prove that both candidates received the questionnaires. Negron answered all of the questions on time. Read Joe Negron’s answers here: http://www.flvotesvalues.com/candidate_surveys/fl/florida-state-senate/2009-fl-Senate-Dist-28-Joe-Negron.pdf. Negron’s opponent, Bill Ramos, did not submit his answers on time, so I called his office and spoke with his wife who said that Bill told her he never received them. Though I knew this wasn’t true, I e-mailed the survey to the Ramos campaign headquarters and extended the deadline. Not only did Ramos wait not only until after the second deadline, but he also waited until after Negron’s answers were posted online and then refused to answer some questions. Read Bill Ramos’ answers here: http://www.flvotesvalues.com/candidate_surveys/fl/florida-state-senate/2009-fl-Senate-Dist-28-Bill-Ramos.pdf.
3) Pro-Life: Negron is pro-life and has pledged to support the personhood act in Florida which would define all preborn children as persons under the constitution. Negron also believes that the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, should not receive tax dollars. Ramos refused to answer these questions on the basis that they are religious in nature. That is a cop out in my opinion. I know people who support or oppose abortion for reasons other than religion. Moreover, there are people who support abortion but don’t support the government taking their money to pay for someone else’s abortion.
4) Taxes: While in the Florida House, Negron worked to put aside $8 billion in reserves. Negron also supports capping budget increases to the rate of inflation plus population growth. Ramos opposes capping the budget.
5) State Sovereignty: Negron would support a state sovereignty act similar to the act passed recently in New Hampshire that puts the Federal government on notice that they must stay within the limits of the US Constitution and not encroach upon state’s rights. Ramos tepidly supports state sovereignty.

Other topics are covered on the candidate surveys. I urge you to read them, compare the candidates answers at the links provided above, and vote for the candidate who best represents your values. Again, the turnout on this election will be low. The candidate who gets his voters out to the polls will win, so make sure you get out to the polls and vote your values!

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