Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day

While others slept in this morning, my kids and I got up to make my wife breakfast in bed.  (She made it easy for us by preparing the biscuit dough and leaving directions.)  Our sacrifice pales in comparison with those of Jim, Mary, Cheryl, and the others who faithfully get up each Saturday as early as 5:00 AM to minister to women and their preborn children at the abortion mill in Ft. Pierce.  This morning, on a day meant for love, 10-20 preborn children in Ft. Pierce will leave this earth without every knowing the warm embrace of their mothers.  They will be victims of abortion.  Nationally, the numbers will be more like 8,000 – 10,000.  Of their mothers, who also are victims, 10% will suffer immediate complications.  For 2%, the complications will be serious.  They will have a higher chance of committing suicide, a higher risk of breast cancer, dying from homicide, ectopic pregnancy, complications in subsequent pregnancies, and the likelihood of later bearing a handicapped child among others.  They will also go through life without the opportunity to hold and care for their child(ren).  This often leads to depression and post abortion stress syndrome.  (See and  The women and men who have been through abortion need to know someone love them.

On Valentine’s Day, in 1990, I knelt in prayer with 17 other Christians on the sidewalk in front of Atlanta’s Fem Center abortion mill.  We weren’t blocking the sidewalk, raising our voices, intimidating anyone, or causing a disturbance.  We simply knelt in quiet prayer for the moms, dads, and their preborn children.  Atlanta police officers soon arrived, and much to our surprise, carted us off to jail for “disorderly conduct.”  I spent the next 18 days in jail with Joseph Foreman, a national leader with Operation Rescue, Chet Gallagher, a former Las Vegas police sergeant who lost his job after he joined rescuers at the door of an abortion mill instead of arresting them, and other courageous men and women.  Among the women was Karen Black who has revolutionized the ministry of sidewalk counseling.

We were moved from filthy jail cell to filthy cell until we were moved to the Key Road City Jail where hundreds of Christians, including Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry, were held in 1988 after being arrested for peacefully protecting preborn children from abortion.  While in jail, we (the men) were thrown into solitary confinement twice for daring to hold Bible studies!  What a witness is was to the other inmates to sing Amazing Grace as we marched to solitary confinement.

In court, Jay Sekulow defended us.  He won the case which helped give him national notoriety.  We later sued the city and won an out of court settlement that required the City of Atlanta not arrest Christians on peacefully praying on the sidewalks in the future.

This summer, I had the pleasure of taking this picture in front of the Fem Center.  As you can see, the building is for sale.  Women and children will no longer be hurt and killed in this building!

Moms, Dads, and Their Preborn Children Need Your Love

Valentine’s Day is a day to share love.  We need to share love with our spouses and children, but let us remember that moms, dads, and their preborn children need someone to love them as well.  Be the one who loves them!

"Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends. (John 15:13 NKJV)

Be a friend to those in need!

Indian River Pregnancy Centers

CareNet Pregnancy Services of IRC
1503 24th St
Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone: 772-569-7939

St. Lucie County Pregnancy Centers

CareNet of the Treasure Coast
8432 S US Highway 1
Port St. Lucie, FL  34952

Pregnancy Care Center
1119 Delaware Avenue
Fort Pierce, FL 34950

Martin County Pregnancy Centers

CareNet of the Treasure Coast
5569 SE Federal Highway
Stuart, FL 34997

Lifeline of Martin Co.
933 Lincoln Avenue
Stuart, FL 34996

Pastor Bryan Longworth
Your Conservative Rep
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  1. Bryan, enjoyed your reflection, thank you for taking the time to write it.

  2. Thanks for the great Valentines story and your new blog.

    Duane Berreth